Mayor Berger to participate in community forum



LIMA - Mayor Dave Berger will participate in a community conversation forum from 6 to 7 p.m. today at Fresh N Faded Hair Studio, 227 S. Main St.

The public is invited to come and talk with the mayor about issues and opportunities in the community and to ask questions.
Refreshments will be served. 

Also today, Berger issued a statement in relation to an invitation received from the Lima Chapter of the NAACP.

Lima Mayor David Berger issued the following statement:

The Lima Chapter of the NAACP invited me to participate in a debate forum for the 2017 Mayoral candidates.

Throughout my adulthood, I have personally admired and supported the NAACP and its mission of defending civil rights for all Americans, in particular for racial and ethnic minorities.  I recognize and applaud the NAACP’s diverse historical roots and membership, and believe that its actions in courts and in public forums have been necessary and effective in changing discriminatory laws and practices and in defending the rights of individuals who have been mistreated.

Notwithstanding my admiration for the NAACP, over two years ago I publicly stated after the election of Ron Fails to the position of President of the Lima Chapter of the NAACP that I would not have dealings with the Lima Chapter as long as Mr. Fails is in its leadership.  Mr. Fails remains in the leadership of the Lima Chapter of the NAACP and my position on this matter has not changed.

For this reason, I am declining to participate in the proposed debate.

It should be noted that I have accepted all other invitations to debates and forums and expect that I will continue to do, unless Mr. Fails has a role in sponsoring those events. 

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